Saturday, June 11, 2011

My To-Do List

The setting of our story is Dallas, Texas. Our family is currently living in a 1200 square foot apartment in Oak Cliff (which, for those of you not familiar with the area, would be considered "the wrong side of the tracks"). Our four children share one room, Steven and I share another, and we use the third room for homeschooling. Two bodies can fit in our kitchen if we position ourselves correctly, and we all scrunch together on one couch to watch TV. Needless to say, it's a little cramped. We would really like to move soon. Especially since there's a baby on the way.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that. This is one thing we are sure of: in about 7 weeks, we will add another baby to our family, and we couldn't be happier. Unfortunately, his arrival is the only thing we are certain of. We don't know his name; we don't know where he will sleep (recall aforementioned sleeping arrangements); we don't even know where he will sit on the way home from the hospital (I assume he will sit in a car seat, but we don't yet have said car seat). I guess I should add those to my to-do list.

     To-Do List:

  1. Name the baby.
  2. Find a crib.
  3. Find a place to put a crib.
  4. Get a car seat.
So, we would like to move. When we should move is an unknown. Should we move before the baby arrives? (Remember that will be in the next seven weeks.) Or should we wait and move with a newborn in-tow? If it were that simple of a decision, that wouldn't be so bad. But there are other factors weighing into this move, the most prominent being where Steven will be working. You see, he doesn't currently have a job.

Again, a slight detail I may have left out. Steven has been going to school for the last couple of years in order to finish his degree. I have been teaching high school geometry in the meantime. We are really not that progressive of a family, though, to have me bring home the bacon and have Steven fry it up in a pan (in addition to homeschooling our three school-aged children). So, now that he's graduated, we're ready to switch back. I will change from being a full-time teacher to a stay-at-home mom. Steven will change from being a stay-at-home dad to a full-time... yet to be determined. We have a few prospects, but nothing sure yet. A few more items for my list...

      5. Find a job for Steven.
      6. Pack up all of our belongings.
      7. Move (possibly across the country or just across town -- be ready for anything)

That pretty much sums it up. A simple 7-step process. What have I been worrying about, anyway?



  1. A walk of faith for sure!
    I'm right there with you on the naming of the baby. We just can't commit to any one name, yet. And neither one of our vehicles will fit three car seats, so theres the purchase of a "new" vehicle.
    Praying that the right place will open up for Steven!! love you guys!

  2. The Lord knew your destination before your mom and dad had a name for you. He will be going along with you but doesn't mind the scrunch.

  3. Exciting! This is when you really get to see the Lord provide. Keep us updated and we'll keep praying for you. - Adam

  4. God's hand has always been on you individually and as a married couple. God has given both of you many giftings. He will not let those be wasted. He will place you exactly where He wants you. Keep the faith. He will not disappoint. You are in my prayers.
    Janet C.

  5. Beautiful love - beautiful family - beautiful testimony - faithful, marvelous, miracle-working Savior. I love you.