Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Steven is going to Kenya!

Steven is planning his premier trip to Kenya to experience personally the amazing things going on with Find Your Voice (FYV). 
Steven will be meeting up with Garold and Lori Andersen in London and will then travel with them to Nairobi on April 23.
While in Kenya for nearly 2 weeks, Steven will work with the Andersens in the day-to-day operations of FYV.  Also, he will have an opportunity to visit the rural village of  Lemaru and see all the work that is going on there.
We feel this is a very important trip for Steven as he will gain the first-hand experience he needs to better communicate with people here in the states and organize future trips.
We are now making arrangements for Steven’s travel.  His trip is going to cost  around $3,000.   We would appreciate any financial help you can offer to make this trip possible.  As this trip is quickly approaching and the bulk of the expenses are the upfront costs of airfare, the majority of donations need to be received by March 17th (of course, we’ll receive gifts after that date too.)  
Donations can be made out to Watershed Inc. and sent to the following address:

Watershed Inc.
524 Olympus
Cedar Hill, TX  75104

Donations can also be made online by visiting  Please include a note indicating that you would like these funds to be directed to Steven’s travel to Kenya. 

Thanks so much for all of your prayers and financial support. 

Saturday, January 14, 2012

We are joining Watershed Arts!

We are very pleased to announce that our friends, Garold and Lori Andersen, have invited us to join them in their unique ministry, Watershed Arts.  Garold and Lori have been ministering to artists in Europe since 1994.  They have recently developed and implemented a performing arts program in Kenya called Find Your Voice (FYV).  FYV trains and mentors young people from both urban slums and rural areas to help them break the cycle of poverty.    FYV gives real hope, life skills and assistance to young Kenyans through the Christian principles of dignity, integrity, encouragement and compassion.

FYV also has an opportunity to affect the entire nation of Kenya.  The students of FYV have a standing invitation to perform in any public school.  These aren't just little "Say-No-To-Drugs" skits; these are pieces that dramatically connect Christ-centered teachings to the everyday lives of children.

Additionally, Watershed has been asked to join in a national anti-corruption campaign to promote goodness and integrity in Kenya.  What an opportunity to use the arts to promote a standard of righteousness in one of the most historically corrupt nations in Africa!

With this expansion of vision and ministry, Watershed now requires more staff.
We have gladly accepted Garold and Lori's invitation to serve with them as their stateside liaisons.

No, we do not currently have plans to move our family to Kenya, but we will be serving Watershed Arts and FYV in roles that are vital to the continued growth to the work in Kenya while still living in the states.
  • Sarah will be pursuing and writing grants to help fund the work in Kenya.  Additionally she will assist in web development.
  • Steven will be developing partnerships with churches, organizations and individuals, acting as a liaison between FYV and domestic groups.  Moreover, we are beginning a project of cross-cultural exchange between young people in the west and Kenyans.  Steven will be key in the facilitation and organization of this exchange.
We would like to ask you to pray and consider how you might be able to stand with us financially in this work.  We are working to raise financial support so we can commit our time to this amazing opportunity while still providing for our family.  We are currently asking God to provide $2000 each  month through donations to Watershed Arts so we can devote our time and efforts to the growth of FYV.  This amount is not sufficient to meet all our needs, but it will give us a base with which to start.

Please consider adding Watershed Arts and us to the charitable works you currently support.  We would appreciate both monthly support as well as one-time gifts.  Both of these can be given in one of two ways.

          Checks can be mailed to:
Watershed Arts
524 Olympus
Cedar Hill, TX 75104

          Please designate your gift as Shaw Support in the memo field.

You can also make your donation via PayPal here by clicking Donate.  Please indicate Shaw Support in the comment field.

All gifts are tax deductible.   If you plan on sending regular, monthly support, it would be helpful to us for budgeting purposes if you communicated your intentions by sending us a note to the Watershed address or by emailing us at

We are very excited about where God is leading us, and we so appreciate your prayers and support as we come to your thoughts in the coming days.