Wednesday, September 28, 2011

However, what I do know is...

by Steven

Father, we have prayed that if in your wisdom and perspective you see a particular opportunity as not being what is best for me, that you would close that door.  Moreover, we believe that you are able to open any door that would be in accord with your will for this season of our lives.  We know and have confessed to you that our sight is limited and our understanding is shallow regarding the future and what is best for our family in light of eternity.   You alone have perfect knowledge of the future and of us.  Therefore, you alone are qualified to lead my family and me.

But now that a couple of “promising” doors have closed and none have opened, it feels that you are not leading us at all.  It feels that our needs aren’t being met and that I am left floundering – wondering at what point I steered wrong.  And though I know you are trustworthy and have proven yourself so many times, I wonder if we trust you anymore – if we can trust you anymore.

Even so, I know enough to know that you see everything.  You see what’s coming ahead, and what we’re leaving behind.  You see what our needs are and what things we need to “need” less.   You see the circumstances and what’s behind the circumstances.  You know when to act and you know what you’re planning to do.  You see our fears, and though you are not cavalier about our concerns, our fears don’t intimidate or manipulate you to act in a manner other than what you know is in our best interest and more importantly, the interest of your kingdom.  You are good.  You are good.  You are good, and everything you do is right.  You don’t make mistakes and you love us.

Therefore, though we do not understand the delays and what seems to be a lack of action.  And though we feel like sinking into despair, we will trust in you.  Where else can we go?  You are our hope.

You are not a God of My Expectations.  You said that you would never abandon me, not that I would never feel abandoned.  You never promised a struggle-free life.  You never said that if I follow you and trust you that I will never be disappointed, surprised, or discouraged.  But you did say that I would find life.

Father, I don’t know if our hope and trust is truly in you or if it is in something else – you know.  However, what I do know is that I want to please you and honor you, even in this season.  Help us, Lord.  Place our feet upon that Rock that is unshakable and may our faith remain steady.